About Us

Alumni Association IIITDM Jabalpur, is an institute body run by the students of IIITDMJ under the guidance of Dean of Alumni. It is committed towards the enhancement of relations between alumni and students of IIITDM Jabalpur.

It provides a medium for students to effectively utilize the vast experiences and wisdom of Alumni. It ensures that the college always stays a home for our alumni and is ever welcoming. We realize the immense benefits that both the students and alumni stand to gain by contact with the other.

Our alumni are one of the major reasons for the fame of our college. They are spread over myriad fields and professions. They are indeed a veritable source of guidance to students since they are able to give unbiased, candid and pragmatic advice. It is undoubtedly a great help that alumni choose to come forward on their own and they have ceaselessly helped over the years. At the same time, Alumni also stand to benefit since the current students are the future professionals, researchers, officers and teachers. The alumni realize that if this wealth of talent is given the right impetus, they will be of crucial help to themselves and to humanity as a whole. Apart from that, we wish to launch many initiatives which will act as a common platform for interaction and networking between students and alumni. One of these is the Student Alumni Meet 2015(SAM), First alumni meet of IIITDMJ to be held during the last week of December. It is an open platform for students to freely interact with alumni in person. It provides an avenue for students and alumni to have a fruitful relationship.

Alumni association ensures that alumni are kept perfectly updated about the various student activities, new faculty and current research going on in the Institute via the Newsletters.

Alumni Associations volunteers and team members have the splendid privilege of being a part of all these events in various capacities. One gets to meet and interact with eminent personalities, artists, professionals, researchers and countless others. Indeed, the only thing that is common in all our alumni is their undying love for the institute and their genuine willingness to help it. So to any student or alumna/alumnus reading this, you have but to approach us and we shall be at your service. We hope that Alumni Association continues to play its pivotal role well in the future and serve our institute to the fullest.